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Why are handbags so special for women?

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a handbag and that’s kind of the same thing. A section of the global fashion circuit believes that handbags came to limelight when designers took the pockets out of dresses. And now, they play an inseparable part in the life of modern women. The handbag a person carries is considered as a fashion statement that can either break or make a style. It says a lot about who dons them. It unveils their style and philosophy of life. One can even go on to say that a handbag is the visual definition of success. So, for women, having the right handbag is paramount. An impressive handbag can make you stand out of the crowd and worthy of constructive conversations. Also, it gives you authority amongst the crowd and people listen to what you have to say. When you are looking for the perfect branded handbag, online or offline, just keep in mind durability, style, and affordability. These 3 are the essential factors which you should keep in mind before purchasing a bag.

Introducing MIRAGGIO handbags for women

The above-mentioned needs inspired us to give rise to a handbag brand that is conscious of the needs of the modern professional woman. Hence, MIRAGGIO was born. Our handbags are crafted keeping in mind the assortment of experiences of the women of today, out of which work plays a supremely important role. The inspiration behind the handbags is the DNA of the modern free-spirited woman.


We not only want to storm the industry with an allure that’s like no other but also attune our identity with the chords of the hearts of women who aspire. We are a brand no one else expected to see, a brand that speaks to everyone but only listens to a few, and a brand that’s luxe, yet approachable. We keep them guessing. We distinguish ourselves from the innumerable brands in the market with unparalleled designs that are subtle with a touch of boldness.

We take great pride in introducing our supreme quality handbags to the world. We don’t shy away from highlighting the hard work, craftsmanship, and the lengths we go to for crafting the perfect handbag. We’re grateful to you for giving us your valuable time. We’re a clean brand that encourages you to be all kinds of classy. You can buy our branded handbags online through the ‘Shop by Collection’, ‘Shop by Style’ or ‘All Products’ section on our website.

Who are we?

MIRAGGIO was born in the fashion capital of the world. In the gorgeous dreamscape of Milan, new-age innovation married world-class design to give birth to unique designs that reflected the aura of our audience. We have a spark within us to keep the tradition of experimental fashion alive. We have a definite intention of taking the international fashion circuit by a storm and positioning MIRAGGIO as an ultra-chic style destination.

At MIRAGGIO, we don’t lean on any diktats in terms of our design language. The definition of our fashion statement is “chic with a bold edge”. With arresting designs, novel cuts and breathtaking patterns, our handbags are crafted in a manner that it #KeepsThemGuessing your next move.

What is our dream?

The realm of MIRAGGIO is a unique creative space where the Gen-Y woman has the power to be everything she wants to be. Our dream is to craft handbags from the spirit of our muses and turn them into fashion icons.

Why do we make handbags for women?

We create products that break novel grounds in the fashion sphere. Starting with fulfilling the needs of the nation’s fashion-forward Gen-Y women, we introduced our range of branded handbags in India through our online store. Post that, we want to reach every woman for whom her style statement is as much an expression of her individuality as the media she consumes. We aim to create handbags that derive inspiration from a motley of her experiences. We want her to own every occasion via her signature style.

Why buy handbags online?

Gone are the days when shopping online used to be risky. These days, it’s the preferred method to shop anything you can name.

You don’t need to drive to the stores to purchase what you want. You don’t have to spend your precious time standing in queues. Shopping online is super simple. For instance, if you have to buy handbags online, you just need to visit our ‘All Products’ section, then add what you want in your cart and directly proceed towards the checkout.

That’s how smooth is the experience. No more crowded stores and above that, you get the best branded handbag delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India without any shipping charges. That’s the power of online shopping.

Furthermore, you have to know that you can easily search for the items that you want to shop in our online store. There are a plethora of handy filters available at your disposal. To illustrate, you can shop for the best handbags online by collection: Minimalisque, Rose Coco, Rebel Chic and Bold & Beast. Each of these is based on a distinct theme and tonality of its own.

The second way is to shop by style and buy the best handbags online by their type: for instance, Tote bags, Satchel bags and Crossbody bags. The third way is to view all our products and use the filters and the sorting system on the left to your advantage. Here, you can punch in the colour, the style and the price and that’s how you can buy handbags online.