About Us

Our Story 

It was in Milan, a dreamscape where innovation meets the desire to experiment with style, where MIRAGGIO was born. It was in the fashion capital of the world that we discovered the designs that reflected the personality of our audience. MIRAGGIO mirrors the Avant-garde of the city that’s keeping the tradition of experimental fashion alive. Although born in Italy, we have every intention of swooping the international circuit with our creations and position MIRAGGIO as the chicest destination in the world.

The design language of MIRAGGIO’s bags & accessories doesn’t follow any diktats & yet, if it were to manifest in a few words, we can call it chic with a bold edge. With compelling designs, experimental cuts and arresting patterns, MIRAGGIO bags are crafted with style inspirations from Milan and for women whose style keeps you guessing her next move.

Our Vision

Inspired by the free-spirited women of today, the world of MIRAGGIO is a creative space where a woman can be all she wants to be. Our dream is to create bags and accessories, crafted from the DNA of our muse, and bring them to the forefront of fashion.

Our Mission

With products created to break new grounds in the world of fashion, we want MIRAGGIO to be the most coveted style destination of every woman for whom what she sports is as much an expression of her personality as what she reads or watches. We aim to craft handbags and accessories inspired from an assortment of experiences of the woman of today. We want her to arrive in her own unique style, wherever she goes.