Best Friend Handbags: A Stylish Guide for Iconic Besties on Friendship Day

Hey there, Besties! Friendship Day is here, and you know what that means - it's time to grab your mimosas and let's raise a toast to the fabulous bond you and your bestie share; from laughter that lights up the room to mischief that keeps you on your toes, friends know how to make every moment unforgettable!

Safe to say our Besties are the main characters and we’re just living in their world (we can see you rolling your eyes)

In this edit, we’ve curated a guide for you to find the perfect bag for them based on the energy they give off!

Handbags for your Queen B!

If your BFF embodies the sophistication and grace of Blair Waldorf, it's time to crown her with a handbag that's Upper East Side approved. Think structured bags in classy hues that scream "Queen B" vibes. Trust us; this handbag will make every head turn like it’s the Met Gala!

No Glam, No opinion

For your gal pal Rachel Green, who effortlessly lives life like she's strutting down a corporate runway, we've got the ultimate U-N-I-SEX Tote Bag that'll make everyone go daddy’s girl going independent! With this trendy accessory, she'll conquer the city with confidence and flair, all while sipping her favourite Central Perk coffee! And guess what? No need for a BREAK from this bag's style and utility.

For the one that pulls a Serena Van Der Woodsen

A perfect blend of style and sass, exuding effortless glamour wherever she goes. "Kathy" Shoulder Bag - the epitome of modern-day elegance and boundless charm. This exquisite bag embodies the spirit of our beloved Serena, with its luxurious design and attention to detail.

Hotter than a Manhattan rooftop in summer!

If your bestie is as fearless and bold as Samantha Jones with a dash of flirty style, then Lexi Clutch in metallic shades is just the right pick for her vibrant personality! From brunch to cocktails, this must-have is her ticket to life as epic as the city that never sleeps!