Why do you need to switch to vegan leather quickly?

As per PETA figures, more than 1 billion animals are killed worldwide every year to be turned into leather. These include cows, sheep, horses, goats, pigs and even dogs and cats! What’s worse is that there is no easy way to ascertain that from which animal did the skin come from. Before being turned into leather goods, animals endure horrors of every kind. They are confined in narrow filthy cages, mercilessly castrated without anaesthesia or pain relief, and come in contact with several physical infections and mental illnesses. 

Leading fashion houses take pride in making handbags out of ‘pure animal leather’. And since forever, leather has been the standard material used in the handbag industry. But that was because of a lack of a suitable alternative. However, due to scientific development, now we can make handbags the cruelty-free way. We at MIRAGGIO craft the whole range of our handbags from 100% non-animal sources. Vegan leather is not just a viable alternative to animal leather but a better one because of the 3 following reasons:

Aesthetics: Vegan leather handbags are available in a vast palette of colours whereas animal leather only comes in limited colour variants. 

Price: Producing leather from animal skin is an expensive multi-layered process. It involves numerous procedures and extensive skilled labour which makes it cost-intensive. On the other hand, vegan leather is simpler to produce which reflects in its price.

Maintenance: Leather goods are infamous for being a magnet for stains that never leave. Vegan leather has got you covered in this case also. All it takes is mild soap and a cloth dipped in warm water and you can wipe off the stains within moments. Air-dry the bag and it’s back to being new.

Vegan isn’t the only criteria

Now that you know the basics of vegan leather, you must also know that not all vegan leather is created equal. The rule of thumb is to avoid vegan leather made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. The production of PVC results in the creation of highly toxic contaminants that harm fish and other aquatic animals.

That’s like not causing harm to one kind of species and going all out on another kind. Furthermore, human exposure to dioxin is associated with several kinds of cancers.

So, on a concluding note, we believe the fashion industry could use some kindness and would love if other brands stop using animal leather and make their handbags the vegan way. While we know this might take a bit of time, but you can switch to vegan right away and take a pledge to #CarryNoCruelty.