What to do while you’re #TOTEallyQuarantined?

The lockdown has turned a lot of us into chefs, makeup artists and fitness enthusiasts. After trying a hand at all or few of these, are you like, ‘What now?’ Below are a few ideas that might be of use to ace the quarantine game and be productive.

Up-skill yourself

If you have been procrastinating on learning a new language, or basic designing, editing a video or pretty much anything, don’t wait anymore. Tons of portals, content creators and educators on YouTube and other educational websites are offering several courses for free during the lockdown.

Go minimal

Declutter your life by getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff: expired medicines, old newspapers and magazines, worn-out clothes and shoes, random cardboard boxes or whatever you think you isn’t useful anymore. You can extend it digitally as well. Clean up your desktop, unsubscribe unwanted emails, delete unnecessary apps; you get the drift. Adopting a minimal lifestyle isn’t limited to only these things, but it’s a whole philosophy which you can read more about. But just following the above steps will dramatically improve your efficiency and you’ll have a clearer mind, improved focus and better mental health. Also, going forward, you’ll spend less money on products and services.

Battle Tsundoku

Heard of Tsundoku? It’s a Japanese idea of buying books but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them. Find this relatable? There can’t be a better time than now to catch up on those unfinished novels or the self-help books you quit in the middle. If you get distracted quickly or are newly trying to develop a reading habit, an easy hack would be to read while simultaneously playing the audiobook.

Planning is everything

This is an ideal time to lay down the groundwork for better personal, professional and financial lives. Plan your next vacation, think how would you land your dream job, or make an investment plan. Make the best use of this time to introspect where you are one now and where you want to be. Then, figure a plan for how would you want to reach there. 

Planning doesn’t always have to be about saving. You can also plan your dream wardrobe. Make a list of outfits and accessories you’ve wished to own and see how they fit in your budget and lifestyle. While you’re at it, check out some chic handbags here.

Walk down memory lane

While this is not a task to boost your productivity, this will certainly help to reconnect with yourself emotionally. Take out your family albums, school photographs, childhood toys or anything that reminds you of the good old days and let the floodgates of nostalgia open. This can be a great exercise to involve the whole family.

After lockdown ends

In a few days, the lockdown would hopefully be lifted. But what after that?
Keep in mind that things wouldn’t immediately go back to how they were before the pandemic and you would have to adjust to the new normal for a while at least. So, for some time, do not throw a party or visit one. Don’t go on a big international vacation sometime soon and most importantly, don’t lose the habit of washing your hands for 20 seconds.