What Should You Carry in Your Handbag While Going Out During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Lockdown. Quarantine. Curfew.

These few terms hijacked the everyday conversations of the country (actually, the entire planet) since March. But gradually, lockdown restrictions are being eased in most parts of India. After months of enforced self-isolation, the nation is slowly inching back to its routine. However, we must always keep in mind that lockdown is being lifted to prevent further damage to our economy and not because Coronavirus has been defeated. 

Did you hear about FOGO?

In a pre-Corona world, fear of missing out (FOMO) was a thing. Whether it was a cool new restaurant, a club everyone was talking about or an art exhibition that had rave reviews, we had to experience it all and not miss out on what’s hip. Staying at home was something we had to ‘justify’, not just to others but even to ourselves.

Back then, it was normal to board crowded public transport, visit packed bars and stand close to others in queues. The idea of ‘personal space’ existed in theory but not in practice. We would go to great lengths to meet people and attend events where we’d shake hands with everyone we met. It all seems crazy in hindsight.

Now, there’s a genuine fear of going out, and actually, we’re truly better off staying in. But sometimes, we have to go out and during those times, you must have a bunch of things in your arsenal to keep COVID-19 at bay and keep yourself safe.

Pandemic Essentials That Need to Be in Your Handbag

Workplaces across India have started resuming operations. Many of us have already gone back to our old routine of heading to work in the morning. If your employer requires you to come to work, then there’s hardly any choice. Other times, when you might have to go out can be to buy some necessary items that can’t be ordered online.
So while going out, keep the following bunch of items handy in your bag. Most of these are hygiene items that are readily available for you to buy:

  • The Ultimate Duo

No, we’re not talking about Batman and Robin. The only duo that matters during these times is sanitizer and face mask. Ensure that you never leave the house without carrying your beloved hand sanitizer and at least an extra face mask (Other than the one you’re wearing). The sanitizer should have at least 60% alcohol and your mask should be equipped with N95 respirator. If you’re someone who feels that face masks quickly get hot and suffocating, consider wearing a face shield. Experts believe that it is a better alternative to masks as it not only covers your nose and mouth but also your eyes, adding an extra layer of protection.

  • The Key to Sanitization

Whoever thought of clubbing the sanitizer with a keychain should be awarded the most innovative person during the pandemic. Since it’s a keychain, it’s super handy and doesn’t require you to unzip your handbag with potentially unhygienic hands. Usually, these come with refillable bottles and you can top them up with a sanitizer of your choice. 

  • Open Doors Contactlessly

While you would have seen people wearing gloves while outdoors to limit their potential exposure to the virus from door handles, what’s even better is using a tool that ensures no part of your baby, gloved or ungloved, comes into contact with virus hotbeds like the public restroom handles or cab door latches, etc. Available in many shapes and sizes, contactless openers help you open handles and doors, pick up bags, press buttons, open bottles and much more. 

  • Watch Your Hands!

    Everyone knows that touching the face can spread Coronavirus, but it’s a tough habit to break. This led to the birth of ‘Watch Your Hands! Snap Lens’. It’s an innovative way with which you can train yourself to break your face-touching habit at a time when you’re already watching yourselfduring virtual meetings. This filter can easily be applied onto your favourite video calling services: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more.

    If you carry the above-mentioned items in your handbag whenever you go out of home and use them appropriately, you can safely be virus-free. In case you’re considering to upgrade your current bag, we’re running a site-wide 50% Off on our exciting range of completely vegan handbags. On a concluding note, do keep this in mind that the circumstances haven’t gone back to how they were, and we have to adapt to this ‘new normal’. But with a pinch of caution and a tad bit of alertness, we can surely make Darwin proud!