5 Handbags by MIRAGGIO to make you stand-out at work

You must be thinking what does a handbag have to do in creating a dauntless persona at work, right? Well, actually there’s a lot a handbag can speak about your vibe, verve, and virtue, that’s what we at MIRAGGIO like to call as the 3 Vs. The way you choose which bag you want to carry all your stuff in, speaks a lot about your sense of fashion, style, structure, and spirit and in order to be in sync with the latest trend, you need to make sure that your office bag is edgy enough to stand apart from the rest.

To make this simple, we are here to tell you about 5 unique & premium handbags from our Bold & Beast collection, which are designed to help you become your own boss at work!

  • MIRAGGIO Ninet Women’s Tote Bag

  • When it comes to flaunting your ardour at work, it all sums down to how bold of an appearance can you strike. Bold is one of the most feminine avatars that can be beautifully expressed by this super-spacious faux leather tote bag from MIRAGGIO. Designed to add charm to your multitasking personality, this bag comes characterized with a pebbled texture and printed extended handles paired along with a bit of studded fringe.

  • MIRAGGIO Annika Women’s Satchel

  • Sophisticated with a luxurious alligator texture topped with monochrome handles and structured silhouette, this black-coloured beauty is pegged to make you indomitable at work. Its middle zip compartment holds all your essentials so that you can feasibly manage your entire day and bring out the best hustler in you without any worries. This bag is designed to lend a casual yet debonair look to any outfit, no matter what the occasion is. 


  • MIRAGGIO Kelo Women’s Satchel

  • Sometimes to stay ahead in trends, you might need to travel back in time. Aboard the vintage express with this heavenly satchel from MIRAGGIO. This bag is designed with a front flap overlayed with a crocodile textured print, pegged to make a coveted, chic, & professional statement at your workplace. The faux leather folded softly at the corners gives it a feminine and somewhat vintage look, helping you bring out your bold & bossy spirit amidst your colleagues. This timeless accessory is designed to complement sharp blazers with shoulder pads and monochrome pantsuits.


  • MIRAGGIO Iris Women’s Tote Bag

  • This bag is designed for those who are bossy yet subtle, chic yet elegant and always want to keep up with the latest trend. It is designed with elusive blossoms which add a subtle feminine charm to this gothic pastoral tote. Topped with a Saffiano accent and an extended floral print on the handles, give this bag a distinct look, making it stand apart from the obvious. This tote is your perfect pretty something that you could carry to work, always!



  • MIRAGGIO Philomena Women’s Tote Bag

  • Not just made for your workstation, but also to be an integral part of your life, this desk-to-dinner tote bag from MIRAGGIO features a richly coloured crocodile print and minimalist design, adding character to the unique silhouette of the bag. Dress up to work casual, or formal, this bag will always tag along with all your desires, making sure that no look ever goes wrong with it.

    Now you finally have a list of some of the best office handbags, you can wear to work and flaunt your valour with. It’s time to pick your beast from the above Bold & Beast collection by MIRAGGIO, and become everyone’s obsession at work!