The Ultimate Winter Fashion Guide

It’s undoubtedly a truly incredible feeling when the cold crisp air gently touches your face, and you pull down your cap in order to cover the ears and slide the hands in the pockets of your jacket. Winter is a beautiful season, and looking beautiful during winters is equally paramount. Read on to know how you can style yourself phenomenally for the winters. 

The Professional Look

Styling yourself for the workplace during the winter season might seem like an arduous task because of the layering you have to do, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you with everything. You can start with a warmer, and then wear any light-coloured shirt over it, with black trousers. Since overcoats and blazers look best in a professional environment, you can wear black, brown, or even a red overcoat or blazer. You can pair them with penny loafers. The best thing about these shoes is that they look professional, but also kind of quirky. You can go for either a black or a tan shade. 

Coming to accessories, every outfit is absolutely incomplete without a fantastic bag. The Aurora Women’s Tote Handbag will enhance your outfit and while not weighing you down at the same time due to the light material it is made of. The bag is mostly minimal, with an alluring twist. With the snake textured studded bottom, this bag will definitely stand out and contribute boldness to your attire. The knotted tassels that also come in the snake texture work like the cherry on top. This bag is not just remarkably stylish, but it’s also very useful. Tote bags are usually very capacious and can fit in your daily professional needs like laptops or tablets, your valuables like wallet, keys, and even your phone. And if you don’t wish to carry an extra bag for lunch, you can fit it in your tote

Since you’ve got to keep it simple in the office, you can wear silver hoops or other silver dangles which aren’t too big. If you wish to keep it simpler than that, you can just wear black or silver studs in your ears, and you will be all set to rock the professional winter look.

The Casual Look

If you are a university student, and you wish to keep it casual, we know just the look you desire. Casual winter outfits are the easiest, and they might not look very fancy, but they are definitely pretty cool. Take out your acid-washed jeans, and layer up. The best final layer to keep it casual would be a sweatshirt or a zipper jacket. And since boots are our feet’s best friend, take your black or brown ankle-length kicks out, and get ready to strut around town in style. 

Worried about which bag to carry? Don’t. MIRAGGIO is here to guide you. Our Leona Women’s Satchel Bag is just as useful, as it’s casual. In spite of that, it is incredibly stylish. This handbag comes in two colours – pink and black. Satchel bags are very useful because you can easily carry your textbooks and your notebooks in these bags. You can either wear a satchel bag as a shoulder bag, or you can put the strap over your shoulder and wear it diagonally across your body. The maroon leopard print strap is the most interesting thing about this satchel bag. It will add a little charm to your casual look. 


The Party Look

Party season is upon us throughout the year. No matter how cold it gets, going out to party is inevitable. For the perfect party look, you can either get a dress out, or you can even do the classic jeans and spaghetti top. If you wish to wear a dress, make sure you wear tights underneath the dress to protect you from the cold weather. You can wear your black tights with off-white, or any other light-coloured dress, and wear boots, which can be either ankle-length or knee-length. If dresses are not your preferred outfit, you can wear your blue jeans with again, a light-coloured top, with ankle-length or knee-length boots. The cherry on top in this case, whether it’s a dress or a top-jeans combination, would be a stunning leather jacket. Depending on the rest of your outfit, you can pick a colour for your leather jacket – black, brown or red. 

For the rebellious party animal, the Claudia Women’s Crossbody Bag is the perfect fit. This crossbody bag is every bit as stylish as it is easy to carry. Since you only need to carry basic valuables like phones, keys, money, cards, and basic make-up products like maybe eyeliner and lipstick, a crossbody should be your first and last choice. Black, the dominant colour of this bag, fuses beautifully with the other two colours in store – teal and wine. The stud detailing on the bag gives it a rather elegant look, which makes it ideal for parties. The bag has metallic chains as straps and nothing else will ever come even close to this stylish crossbody bag

Other accessories that will add a beautiful finishing touch to your party look can be a choker and hoops. 



We at MIRAGGIO understand how essential it is for you to dress like a diva, and we are here to be your companion in the fashion world.