The Only Monsoon Style Guide You Need

Ghanan Ghanan Alert: the monsoons have arrived! And with the Unlocks happening rapidly all over the country, you can finally go out of home to work, restaurants, gyms and more (of course, with all the necessary precautions). While heavy rains and muddy puddles can be nightmares for many fashionistas, this style guide will keep you looking chic despite the drizzles and downpours. 


Get drizzleproof-ed with a rain jacket


Say hello to your true honest BFF of this season, a reliable rain jacket. Updated to appeal to the modern woman on-the-go, this childhood favourite just got the modern revamp. Choose from 100% transparent, to thin lined silhouettes, as you strut through the rains, the winds and the world. Or if you wanna go edgier, go holographic. 2020 is anyway not the year for basic fashion choices. The bold doesn’t stop here. Fashion queens out there are sporting hot pink, hunter green and bright gold rain jackets!. And we know you’re no less!

Beat the splashes with cropped trousers


The monsoons bring with them a pandora box of troubles—waterlogged streets, forever humid weather and ultra-frizzy hair. If the sheer thought of walking through the puddled streets has you anxious about getting your hemlines dipped in mud, take a deep breath and read the next sentence: Cropped trousers are a godsend just for you. Now, repeat this line slowly to yourself. C r o p p e d   t r o u s e r s   a r e   a   g o d s e n d   j u s t   f o r   m e  .


Now you don’t have to wear shorts or skirts every time you step out of home. Equal parts convenient and fashionable, cropped pants might enter your wardrobe this monsoon and might just find a permanent home there.

Aqua-proof your steps with fun gumboots


As summers scream flip flops, monsoon is synonymous with gumboots. Strike a pose with a killer pair of knee-high rubber wellies and brave the dampness like the bosslady you are. Go for eccentric prints, floral patterns or even translucent designs to add a dash of whimsy. And yes, gumboots aren't supposed to translate into gloom-boots. With the weather outside pulling 50 shades of grey on you, go for bright colourful galoshes. Girl, you indeed were born to balance the nature!


Pro tip 1: Unless battling with blisters is your thing, ALWAYS wear your gummies with a pair of socks.


Pro tip 2: However cute it might be, never buy a pair of gummies that's a size too small or big.

Add the much needed drama with statement scarves


This is no secret that monsoon and the mane are not exactly best friends! Even guarded by an umbrella and donning an overcoat, your hair surprisingly manages to get wet through the crafty splashes. Scarves are an excellent way to protect those freshly washed tresses of yours and at the same time, they look like a statement without putting in a lot of effort. This season, our pick is prints: Geometric. Abstract. Aztec. Animal. Break the bleak mould and go big and bold. Even if your outfit is of a solid colour, quickly wrap a printed scarf to add some drama and you’re game! Final thoughts: Consider trading in thicker materials for quick-to-dry, easy-to-breathe fabrics. In other words, ditch the fleece and go for polyester, cotton and silk.

Stay in vogue with vegan leather handbags


Leather bags are shamefully infamous for not being able to weather the rains. In come handbags made from vegan leather. These aren’t just more conscious alternatives to leather handbags but better in a variety of ways. Compared to leather handbags, the vegan counterparts come in much more exciting shapes and designs with a vast palette of colours.


You have big bright totes that serve as your perfect shopping companions, dark structured satchels to accompany you to work, chic compact slings for casual heres-and-theres and sleek minimal wallets when you don’t want to carry much. You can also consider getting a mask matching your bag. We have a super handy guide that’ll help you do that. Read it here and ace the new normal look. As an afterthought, tote bags have an edge over their other counterparts during the rainy months since they let you carry a collapsible umbrella.


Accessorize your look with bold umbrellas

RIP The Great Black Umbrella! You should let it rest somewhere away from your wardrobe. The colour was in vogue five million monsoons ago! Welcome to the new umbrella-land with cute graphics, big prints, fun stripes and chic colours. Also, it’s given that you must go for collapsible umbrellas instead of traditional ones. (In case you didn’t notice, we mentioned in the last paragraph that they literally fit in your bag, giving you the best of functionality and fashion.) 


If you are a hopeless romantic, you may go for a see-through umbrella, the absolute favourite accessory of lovebirds on the silver screen. Another plus is that it will complement all your outfits.

So, the above guide ensures you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion appeal to the weather gods this rainy season. Along with dressing up on point, don’t forget to pay extra attention to your skin and hair. Apply your sunscreen every four hours as those annoying UV rays can penetrate the cloud cover to damage your gorgeous skin. For your hair, try using an anti-frizz serum to beat the dreaded rainy crimps and thank us later.