Meet the 'Rose Coco' Muse

When I was little, I was that kid who could never pick her favourite colour. Not that I was indecisive, but instead all of them fascinated me so much. Now that I have grown up, I still can’t pick a favourite, but I have an inclination towards dreamy pastel hues. 


Being a design student at Amity, I now live inside the world of designs, patterns, and colours. I have an obsession with art supplies (much more than my course already requires me to have) and I am a major stationary hoarder. You’ll always find a Moleskine sketchbook and two or more pre-sharpened 2B pencils in my handbag. There used to be paints too until a couple of months back. But one random day, I left the cap of the red bottle open and saying that the insides of my bag looked like a crime scene would not be an understatement. I had to throw that bag away. I miss it. Now, I sketch. I sketch whatever passes through my head while I’m in the car on my way to college or whenever I’m sitting idle during a break between classes. A lot of times, song lyrics paint a picture in my head. And I sketch that. Also, another random fact about me: I, almost always, have my earphones plugged in. I have a thing for Prateek Kuhad, The Local Train and Sam Smith.

It’s hard to describe in short who I am because I don’t think I know that fully myself yet. I’m a 19-year-old who is still figuring out what all I like, except puppies and Raunaq, my best friend since 2nd grade. And clothes and makeup. Yes, I’m the kind of person who wakes up and puts on a cute outfit along with lipstick and liner even if I don’t have to go anywhere. Although I almost always have plans with someone or the else, be them brunches with my girlfriends or some gig with Raunaq or a fashion show or a food fest or just a casual meet up with the gang. I like it when things are happening around me. I don’t like stillness.

My mantra is to take life with the flow. I’m not a big planner because destiny often has plans of its own for me. Every day, I wake up thinking that somewhere something incredible is waiting for me to be known. I’m excited to see what the universe has in store for this little rose coco girl.