Meet the 'Rebel Chic' Muse

Most people know me for two things: my outspokenness and my non-desi accent. The first has always been in my DNA and the second comes from the fact that I spent most of my teenage years in Detroit. I came back to India when I was 24. Here, I met a whole different world. It was hard to fit in. Nothing was familiar. Then, a colleague at work introduced me to the local hip hop scene and nothing was the same again. I went there. I watched the first couple of times. And one day, I held the mic and it stunned everyone. Even my colleague was shocked. He couldn’t imagine the program manager who sits in the cubicle next to him could be spitting verses like that. It’s been two years, I’m still the only female in the scene. I hope there’ll soon be more. 

But I must say, this is simply a part of my personality. From my tomboyish rapper self, I can very well be that girl who can own the dance floor and have everyone’s eyes set upon her. Yes, I’m the one who stays till the last call at the bar, stumbling into kids wearing backpacks heading off to school in the morning. The club feels like my happy place, my habitat but there have been times when I’ve had to teach some rogues a lesson. The MMA lessons from school time help in such scenarios. And I’ve a habit of always carrying a pepper spray in my handbag for times when push comes to shove.

My life has never been a walk in the park but I know if you want to get anywhere, you have got to roll with the punches. I was bullied in school for being the odd one out, even asked to ‘go back to my country’. During that time, I got my first tattoo on my left forearm. It said ‘Here to stay’. It didn’t stop the toxicity but it was a constant reminder that their words don’t matter against my will. And that helped. 

It’s safe to say that I have a fierce personality, not that anyone should be wary of me but on the other hand, I'm not someone who you’d want to mess with. I am a rebel chic and I’m the girl who's never afraid to live and speak her mind.