Meet the Miraggio Muse

Some days I’m a mess; some days I’m the epitome of finesse. Some days, I move along with my life without any fuss, and then there are days when I cannot help but create a ruckus. Some days I’m sweet as lilies in May; other days I can work up a hurricane. Everyone wants to be me but being the Miraggio Muse doesn’t come easy. Don’t bother trying to box me into a type because you’ll realize that a single word does not suffice. 

Trying to figure me out is futile

But what even are first impressions anything but just a façade? You can never really know someone, how they carry on with the humdrum, what they do to have some fun? But don’t fret. It is in this feeling where the charm lies. After all, knowing too much can often harm, and set you off towards the mundane lane. I don’t mean to sound too philosophical, just wanna let you in on the fact that I have a fluid state of mind, a fluid way of life. You’re never going to figure me out, so why even try?   

I wear my moods

Well, you can know this about myself: My accessories reflect my mood. I ain’t into a preacher but can definitely give you some good fashion advice. After all, life’s too short for a boring way of living. But even shorter for a boring way of clothing. Sometimes, it’s minimalism that fascinates me. Other times, I’m all about going dramatic. There are times when my demeanour is bold and other times, my air is mellow. Whatever my mood, you are sure to see glimpses of it through my ensemble. 

Unusual is my regular

They say the aftertaste of my aura is something hard to describe. So, the only thing you can do is revel in the mystery, in the ambiguity, in the obscurity of it all. By being mysterious, I’m not hustling. It’s in my DNA; it’s part of my personality. I’m not flawless, just here to live my best life. I may be a million things but boring still isn’t one of them. Don’t try to follow me because I love dancing in the storm and diving headfirst into an unknown. I love the tempestuous as much as the serene. There is no floor or stage I cannot win. If we ever cross paths, just stay in the moment and not reminisce too much if it goes away.