Meet the 'Minimalisque' Muse

With a penchant for drawing detailed sketches right from the time I was in school, it is no surprise why I chose to become an architect. After all, there is nothing more satisfying for me than a perfectly drawn out plan. And watching a plan come to life is a whole different kind of heavenly. Needless to say, you can safely presume that I like order in my life and drama is my biggest pet peeve.

Less is more is not just a saying for me but something I truly live by. Doing less helps you to focus better and pay attention where it needs. Big firms don’t really get this. That’s the reason why I quit my corporate job and chose to do my own thing. I started Ikigai, a boutique architecture studio at the hub of tech and design. 

However, in no way should you confuse my ‘less is more’ approach with doing just the bare minimum. I put in effort where it needs and never lose track of the details. Also, minimalism isn’t something that just defines my work. For me, it’s a way of life. From my fashion sense to my diet, or from my taste in music to what all I carry in my handbag; it basically is a guiding force for me.

Not everyone is going to gel with me. Not everyone is going to like my way of living and thinking. And it’s okay. Not everyone has to. I don’t expect anybody to follow this path. Life’s not meant to be lived with borrowed ideologies as if it’s one-size-fits-all. Life’s about finding out who you truly are and what works best for you. Just like I did. I do have friends who think of me as a person who is simple and afraid to try something bold but I think there is boldness in living simply. I am minimalisque and I’m proud of who I am.