Matching Masks & Handbags: A Pandemic Style Guide

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend probably forgot about handbags. We all know that handbags are the real MVPs. The bag you carry can either make or break your outfit.

How can any girl live without a great wardrobe of handbags? Each season introduces fresh designs and new styles that are so hard to resist. But now that COVID-19 is upon us, we bet you must be wondering how to juggle your handbags with the super mandatory accessory of the current times: the face mask. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a quick style guide about the kind of handbags and mask combos that complement each other well. So whether it’s a quick grocery run or a work commute, every time you dress up is just perfect:

  1. The Navy Blue Pair
    Navy Blue Pair - Mask & HandbagThe Aurora Tote from the house of MIRAGGIO comes in a rebellious hue of blue. Sporting a bold snake texture at the bottom, this spacious handbag is the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe. With its tassels and studded detailing, you can pair it with a navy blue mask to amplify your outfits. The best part? This duo fits your casual outfits as well as going-out looks. However, this pair is crafted to complement those white summery tops and distressed denims.

  2. The Mustard TeamThe Mustard Team - Mask & HandbagNeed to run a quick errand? The Cynthia Crossbody in mustard colour with a patterned mask is the answer! It is a combination that you just cannot miss. The bag’s curvaceous structure, playful tassels, and chic tone keep it fun and feminine. It has a mini zip pocket for your tiny knick-knacks. Pairing this crossbody with a mustard floral mask can give the perfect finishing touch to your summer-y daytime outfits. So, for your daily dose of light shopping and nearby visits, it’s the perfect balance between looking chic and being functional.

  3.  The Fine Wine ComboThe Fine Wine Combo - Mask & HandbagWho doesn’t love a good satchel? And when the bag is Annika, the wine-coloured statement handbag from MIRAGGIO, it’s simple to get smitten by it. This bag is every bit sophisticated, with its luxurious alligator texture, topped with monochrome handles and a structured silhouette. Pair it with a light printed wine-coloured printed mask to complement your bag, and you’re good to go! This combo will go with your casual as well as special outfits, regardless of the occasion and make your look stylish as ever.

  4. The Dark Duo
    The Dark Duo - Mask & HandbagIf you’re confused about what mask will go with your patterned handbag, the rule of thumb is to match your statement pieces with solid-coloured accessories. A minimal black mask is a perfect bet for Delilah, the MIRAGGIO satchel inspired by a midnight pastoral theme. This is a great way to incorporate an edgy personality into your look and upgrade your summer wardrobe. The intricate floral details on this bag stand out when juxtaposed with the black minimal aesthetic of the mask. With great potential to go with your staple as well as your special outfits, this duo will ensure you slay the style game this season.
    On a concluding note, we believe masks are here to stay for a while. So, don’t think of them as a hindrance but an opportunity. This pandemic has already taken away a lot already. Let it not steal your style.