How to take care of your handbag?

Having a brand new handbag is a great feeling. However, with a great handbag comes the great responsibility to maintain it so that it stays and looks the way it did when you first took it out of the box. Below are some neat tips you can keep in mind for taking care of your handbag the right way:

It’s what’s on the inside that matters

What you put in your handbag affects it the most. Whether it is receipts, stationery, snacks or makeup, you need to ensure that these elements don’t leave stains on your handbag. It doesn’t take long for an opened pen or lipstick to create a disaster inside your bag. A smaller thick pouch will help you prevent these issues. 

Clean it up then and again

If you use a handbag everyday, chances are at some point or the other, you may have dropped something inside it and then forgotten about it. Given this scenario, it does not take long for the bag to succumb to stains and odours. These can be particularly difficult to get rid of. So if you happen to carry one particular bag for weeks, thoroughly empty it and arrange its contents weekly. 

Tending the outsides

To clean the exterior of the handbag, warm water is always the best. Soak a cloth or sponge in water and then wipe down the surface. Wiping it in this fashion will help to do away with debris, dust and dirt. For tougher and more resilient grime, you can use a bar of soap. When you have to do away with stains that are rubbed in, make use of unscented soap. This ensures no chemicals or any kind of residue is left on the bag’s surface. Do clean only a small part of the handbag first and when there is no discoloration, only then go for the entire handbag. Allow your bag to air dry completely after you wash it. 

Long time, no see
When not using your handbag, for instance, when you’re on a vacation (and carrying a different handbag) or in the current quarantine times, make sure you keep it in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. You can safeguard it with the help of a pillowcase or dust bag. Keep it in an upright position on a shelf rather than hanging it or stacking multiple bags. Also, fill your handbag with tissues, or fabric so that it maintains its shape.

So, make sure you follow these guidelines and you are sure to have a handbag that looks and feels brand new even after years of use.