How to style crossbody bags

A crossbody bag is the perfect marriage between convenience and comfort, with added grace. Compact in size, crossbody bags are perfect for every occasion where you’re not required to carry a plethora of things. When you wear the bag across or parallel to your body, you have plenty of room to breathe, and the freedom to move with the utmost ease. With crossbody bags, you don’t have to worry about slipping handles or straining your shoulders. And not looking stylish enough is out of the question.

Now, let’s introduce you to crossbody bags that we at Miraggio have in store for you. We have bags that will cater to your every need and make you seem the most elegant dame of all.

Cynthia Crossbody Bag

This half-moon shaped crossbody bag comes in three charming block colours – black, mustard and rust. Because of its minimal design, this bag can comfortably be paired with flowy floral dresses or if you fancy wearing a plain dress, the rule of thumb says that its colour should be in stark contrast to the bag to create a magical look. Pro tip: If every day is a fashion show for you, let this bag be your new staple.

Claudia Crossbody Bag

This bag, in all its glory, is designed to scintillate. The way the bold black amalgamates with an effeminate teal represents the yin and yang of your personality. And if teal is not your cup of tea, this bag is also available in the royal combination of black with wine. This one will make all your bold dreams come true.

Keeping in mind this bag’s structure, colours and style, it is the handbag extraordinaire for night outs. Pair it with solid coloured dresses, tall stilettos and complete your look with kohl-rimmed eyes.



Phoebe Crossbody Bag

This moon-shaped, pastel-coloured wonder of a bag is something that you will not be able to take your eyes off of. It is available in three exquisite designs. The pastel pink bag, with tropical foliage, should be your new go-to for a lazy Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. It would mingle perfectly with block-coloured outfits, be it a dress or even a T-shirt and jeans.

Its pastel blue variant dons an intricate pattern that’s abstract yet enchanting. Same as the pastel pink bag, you will be required to pair this bag with contrasting colours to achieve the perfect look. 

The third variant of this bag comes in universal white. This marble-coloured masterpiece will look absolutely stunning with darker-coloured dresses.



Elektra Crossbody Bag with Removable Scarf

What differentiates this bag from the rest is the scarf attached to it. The scarf, without a shadow of doubt, adds a distinctly retro look to the bag. There are 3 colours available in this style – black, red and cream. Their respective patterned scarfs are in picture-perfect contrast to the bags. 

The black bag is minimalistic but the scarf attached to it is in a pastel hue. Even though the scarf is removable, you can let the scarf be and pair the bag easily with acid-washed jeans and a solid T-shirt of any colour other than black. 

The red bag is not an everyday bag but made for fancier occasions. It will look absolutely astonishing with a little black dress, or even a little off-white dress. 

The cream coloured bag is very subtle; therefore it would fall in perfect contrast with a bold-coloured dress. It will also look good if you pair it with dark-blue jeans and a red silk shirt.



Roxanne Crossbody Bag

The best thing about this bag is that it’s just as retro as it is contemporary. It comes in two designs – a sparkly purple and a leopard print. 

The glitter purple flap looks alluring with the black studded bottom of the bag. This bag can be your perfect companion on a dinner date. You can wear a chic white or even mustard coloured dress and this bag would be the cherry on the top.

While glitter purple is edgier, the bag that comes with a leopard print flap is bolder. Its bold design should be teamed up with something sober to strike the perfect balance and do justice to its statement look.



Bella Crossbody Bag

This bag is all set to soothe your eyes from the very minute you lay your eyes on it. It’s dreamy, subtle and downright charming. The studded detail on this bag is a blessing. 

The light blue variant is a surefire head-turner and will turn you into the talk of the town if you team it with a little black dress. Otherwise, you can also pair it with black trousers and a yellow crop-top. The pink variant is just as dreamy and again, it’ll go perfectly with a black dress.

So, the oomph you have been dreaming about is finally here. Go to the ‘Shop by Style’ tab on our website, select ‘crossbody bags’, and transform your wardrobe the MIRAGGIO way!