How to care for your mental health while being #TOTEallyQuarantined?

Ever since the lockdown, all of us have experienced emotional ups and downs. Our routines have changed dramatically and our perception towards various things has altered in inexplicable ways. While staying indoors and social distancing from people is key to the new normal, the very same things could be taking a toll on you. So, how can you take care of your mental health in such times? Read on to find out.


Be your best friend 

Being locked inside home all day can play with your mind in a lot of ways. With your messy routine cycle, you may end up sleeping late. Know that only you are your best friend forever and taking care of yourself is of utmost importance.  Be mindful even when it seems tough and be vigilant of all the things you eat, keep count of the glasses of water you drink to be hydrated and have a good night sleep by completing  adequate hours. Don’t be tough on yourself. Understand that these are difficult times for everyone on this planet. Pamper yourself and listen to your heart because it knows the way.

Connect with your loved ones 

While social distancing is extremely necessary, it doesn't have to mean you lose touch with all your friends and family members staying afar. While many of us are lucky to stay home with our parents, a lot of people aren't. But in both the cases, you can always pick up your phone and talk to them. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Pour your heart out. It can help you feel less lonely and can even cheer you up and make you feel light headed. Hit up your school and college time friends. Go down the memory lane and look back at fond memories you shared for some wholesome time.

Watch your thoughts

Understand that we all have our limitations. There are things you can control and there are things that you cannot. Instead of focusing on the latter, work on the former: pat your back on small successes and keep trying when you fail. Let go of the baggage you carry in your head by dropping the feelings such as worrying or stressing about the future. Instead, focus on all of what you can do in this tough time and perform daily rituals of washing hands often, and following social distancing and government guidelines. This can help you maintain your emotional energy. 

Work upon your body

Working out can uplift your mood in magical ways. Do not underestimate the simple act of exercising daily even if it is for a few minutes as it can do wonders to your body, mind and soul. Plug in your earphones while exercising to make it even better. 

Find the new you

This is a good time to try and start something new. Pursue a hobby you always wanted to do. Sing, dance, draw, or play an instrument. You never know what you can be good at. Give a shot to the things that you never got the time to do. But do not forget that it is not about being perfect but having fun instead.

Rediscover your wardrobe 

If you haven’t paid much attention to your wardrobe in a long time, then this is your time to do away with unnecessary stuff. Take a look at your old clothes, unusable and other miscellaneous stuff you can do without and get rid of them or even better, donate. Also, some retail therapy never hurt anybody. Take some time to check out the clothes and makeup you’ve always wanted. Check out some amazing handbags here. Probably, hit the buy button on the ones you want to add to your arsenal for the post lockdown world.

Lastly, remember that this shall pass but until then, it is all about making the best use of your time in hand and having fun and being healthy. Staying at home all day can be tough, but by being a little mindful, you can win every day.