How to accessorize the sequin dress right?

Dress classy, not flashy. That’s the only rule you need to pay attention to when accessorizing a sequin dress. While some think they are meant for the bold at heart, others think it's something everyone can pull off. Well, the trick lies in shining smartly and let the dress stand out on its own but keep the rest of your look low key. If you’re lost, here is how to accessorize a sequin dress the right way:


Let Drop Earrings Do the Magic 

A sequin dress works amazingly well with drop earrings. Since these dresses already gleam, keep your ensemble classy with these earrings. The perfect add on after this comes in the form of the half-moon silhouette MIRAGGIO Cynthia Crossbody Bag. Its curvaceous design, playful tassels, and rich hue is every bit feminine and fun yet understated. 

Flirt with Textures 

If you are afraid that things are beginning to look too sequin for your taste, you can play around with textures. You can slip a brown suede jacket to slightly tone down the effect of the sequin. Alternatively, you can even go for a denim jacket. Pair this with the MIRAGGIO Leona Satchel Handbag either in pink or black and you are good to go.

Put On Your Fashionable Hat. Literally! 

Instead of attempting to accessorize with jewellery, you may go for a hat instead. Yes, you heard it right. Let your hair fall loose, skip the jewellery altogether and don a hat in all its fabulous glory. Team this up with a MIRAGGIO Skye Tote Bag and choose from black or wine colours. All in all, you are sure to look like a million bucks!

Scarf It Up

If you do not want to go in for too much layering but want to conceal a little bit of the bling, you can think about wrapping around a scarf for a uniquely chic look. Pair this with the MIRAGGIO Elektra Crossbody Bag with Removable Scarf and you are sure to look like a diva in every sense of the term. 

The Bare Minimal One

When the sequin dress does all the talking, it is sometimes better to keep it understated with solid coloured heels or flats. Opt for the MIRAGGIO Roxanne Crossbody Bag to go with this look and you are sure to find the best put-together look in place within no time.

If you are wearing bracelets, look at the type of sleeves you have on your dress. If you are wearing long sleeve outfits, bracelets are completely unnecessary. For short sleeves or sleeveless sequin dresses, a delicate bracelet, cuff or a small bangle does the trick just right. Don’t forget to keep your makeup as well as the hairstyle minimal for the dress to stand out and you are good to go.


Now that you know how and to what extent you can style your sequin dress, go ahead and do it the right way, and remember, don’t let anyone steal your sparkle and be the MIRAGGIO Muse.