5 handbags to help you slay the wedding season

If you thought your attire is the only thing you need to pay attention to this wedding season, you might want to think again. While you are not entirely wrong, given the fact that it is your ensemble that grabs all the eyeballs, it is actually the handbag you pick that seals the look in place. So if you have been fretting and fuming thinking about the perfect handbag to go with your outfit, read on to find the perfect attire and handbag combination that is equal parts sexy and timeless:


1) The Light Pink MIRAGGIO Roxanne Leopard Print Women’s Crossbody Bag

Invited to a day wedding? You can never go wrong with a chic saree. A sunny yellow one with the right amount of ruffles and flare looks perfect and is also trending this season. Set this look in place with the Miraggio Roxanne Leopard Print Crossbody Bag. This faux leather crossbody with a circular silhouette will compliment your fun vibe perfectly.



2) The Light Blue MIRAGGIO Bella Crossbody Bag

The MIRAGGIO Bella Crossbody Bag made from soft faux suede and a delicate powder blue colour is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. When paired with a traditional outfit such as a white lehenga with horizontal panels and a long choli, it is sure to look flattering and leave you feeling like the gorgeous diva you truly are.



3) The Wine MIRAGGIO Claudia Crossbody Bag

If you are going in for a regal red silk lehenga, you are surely picking a winner. Don’t go in for too red an ensemble with a lot of embroidery as you do not want to overshadow the bride. Choose a simple blouse and lehenga and maybe go in with a heavier dupatta for the right kind of dramatics. Team this up with the wine MIRAGGIO Claudia Crossbody Bag. Its textured top panel and the studded strap is sure to add the much-needed oomph to your outfit.



4) The Glitter Purple MIRAGGIO Roxanne Crossbody Bag

You can opt for a bold neckline to add the right kind of glamour and style to your ensemble. Go in for a multicoloured lehenga with a plunging neckline. It makes the outfit stand out even while you don’t try too hard. Add a choker necklace to complete the look and don’t forget to accessorize with the MIRAGGIO Roxanne Crossbody Bag.



5) The Black MIRAGGIO Annika Women’s Satchel Handbag

A sleek and sophisticated jumpsuit that runs all the way to your feet is a great way to bring a modern and classy vibe to this wedding season. While a solid colour jumpsuit, paired with a dangling neckpiece and high heels, works best, you can seal the deal in place with the Black MIRAGGIO Annika Satchel Handbag.



So now that you have the right handbag to go with your ensemble, we know for sure that you will have the most fabulous outfit in place, one that suits your personal preferences and personality in all the right ways. Now that you know what to look for when putting an outfit together, all you have to do is head to   section to find the bags that are sure to help you make it to the list of the best dressed this wedding season!